• 1. Language Skill Development (First dimension of education) :

    It is absolutely essential to learn at least two languages one is English and second is our National language Hindi, both these languages play very important role in the development of communicational skills of an individual. A state of art Language lab is recommended in all institutions with expert faculties with a very special emphasis on language skill development (Hindi/English) program for all the students.

  • 2. Intellectual Development Program (Second dimension of education) :

    To develop intellectual skills which is tremendously important a regular education program through scientific and innovative approach should be conducted for our students which should be based upon NCERT syllabus approved by CBSE. This shall be from Nursery to Class VIII in the initial phase to be up graded to class XII .

  • 3. The Real Life Style Skills (Third dimension of education) :

    Education should be as such which imbibes fearlessness, eliminates greediness, give energy to the rebel, gives courage to accept challenges of the unknown. Our third dimension should be what is missing in the present education system the art of living hence every child should be helped to transform his anger, hatred jealousy in to love an important part of this dimension should be sense of humor. Students should be trained to live happy life by giving them value education with special emphasis as an important tool of education in the present day environment. Value education has been given special weightage in the curriculum of CBSE.

  • 4. Performing Fine Arts (Fourth dimension of education) :

    Students should be given full opportunity to explore their creativity by way of music, dance, arts and craft painting drawing, craft work, clay modeling sports activities, cultural activities, seminars, workshops, etc. State of art facilities to explore creativity of the students should be provided.

  • 5. Education For Life After School (Fifth dimension of education) : A SCHOOL BEYOND SCHOOL

    We believe intellect should grow but in proportion to all the limbs of life in balance. It should grow hand in hand with health, with heart, with the soul. Our fifth dimension should be to train students for life after the school. In every student emphasis should be given to develop certain skill to earn livelihood. In the fifth dimension training and awareness to keep themselves healthy and fit should be given. Special yoga and meditation session should be organized on daily basis. Special training for self defense and personal safety by way of judo karate and martial arts should be imparted. Students should be given special training by experts for daily life problem and the time management. Dignity of labour and self help should be emphasized.